Terms And Conditions For Ordering From Mr. Bullet

Rule 1

Please understand that when you order "bullets" what you are ordering is NOT loaded ammunition, but rather bullets (projectiles) for use in your own reloading and handloading use. If you want to order loaded ammunition, then check out our Custom Ammunition section where you can order ammo that has been customized to work best only in your firearm(s).

Rule 2

STAY SAFE. As always, all reloading is done at your own personal risk. Obviously everybody understands that we here at Mr. Bullet have no control over how you choose to load your own ammunition. Always follow published load data for the caliber of your choice and take every precaution to make sure the ammo you are loading is done correctly for proper fit and function in your firearm.

Rule 3

Have fun and let me (Greg) know if you ever have any questions or need assistance. I will do my best to help you. Thank you.