Bullet Shipments & Returns

Fast Shipping for In-Stock Bullets!

I know that whenever I order something, I usually want it NOW - but we do the best we can and that's why most orders ship within 48 hours. Large orders and special orders (custom hardness, sizing, color) will take a little longer.

Flat Rate Priority Shipping

We offer USPS flat-rate shipping at the rate of $14.00 per 65 lbs., which works out to 2,000 bullets for all bullets weighing less than 240 grains. We also have 3,000-count bullet bundles for bullets weighing under 150 grains which ship for this same amount. Please note that we can only fit four bullet boxes into a shipping carton, so if you order is for more than five different bullets, they won't go into a single carton.

Delivery Assurance Guarantee

If USPS tracking shows that you have not received your shipment 14 days (30 days during holiday season) from the date we shipped, we will replace it immediately. No questions asked.